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The Trouble With Valentine's Day (Chinooks Hockey Team #3) by Rachel Gibson

What it’s about
Dumped by her boyfriend, stressed out by her job, Kate Hamilton needs to regroup and get back some self-esteem. She moves from the bright lights of Las Vegas to the wilderness of Gospel, Idaho for some small-town fun. But when her first attempted seduction of a hunky stranger is completely rejected, she wonders what else could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters she quickly realizes that the Mountain Mama Crafters Original Poetry reading is about as good as it gets on a Friday night. Then she comes face to face with Rob Sutter, former ice hockey madman, owner of Sutter's Sports—and the hunky stranger who told her to get lost!

Rob's been more than burned by love—but then he and Kate find themselves in an ultra-compromising position in the M & S Market after-hours, giving the phrase "clean-up in aisle five" a whole new meaning, and cause a whole lot of gossip in Gospel...

Splage’s  Review
5 Stars! 

I loved the sports hero theme, although Rob was no longer playing and owned a sporting goods store in small town Idaho, he still had the attitude. 

This book started off with a bang. Kate is a successful PI, but she has had some bad experiences becoming cynical about love and is unsure of her self-worth. She is heading for a new life, helping her widowed grandfather cope with his loneliness, and trying to find herself. She meets Rob in a bar on Valentine's Day, instant sexual chemistry, she drops her good girl morals and propositions him... and he says "Don't take it personal, but I don't fuck women I meet in bars.".... mortification, my shoulders even sunk for the heroine, Kate. When she finally gets to her destination Rob is a part of the community as well. 

When the Rob and Kate run into each other again, the chemistry is gone for me, not sure that was the author's intention. Rob was sort of an ass and Kate was cold (understandable), but she was unfriendly to everyone, unlike when the book started. This is where you got to meet all the quirky people of the small town, so it wasn't a total bust and there were some funny moments. As Kate and Rob start to become friends, and Kate drops her guard, the book heats up quickly and Rob's he-man fantasies are pretty stirring, reality even better. Loved the romance between the two, great jealousy tension.

The ending was fabulous; lump in the throat, funny, ironic and made me feel so good. When I started writing this review I clicked the 4 star, not I am back up to 5 just thinking about the beginning and ending.

Rachel Gibson pretty much always delivers for me, great characters, well-written stories with depth, but lightness. When I first started reading romance years ago she is who I cut my teeth on and stories like this are why I love her style. She always gets to me in the end and soon as I finish one of her books I immediately am either looking for a reread from her or something new.

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Hell on Heels (Hotel Rodeo #1) by Victoria Vane

What it’s about
Some Odds are Meant to be Played... 


The Hotel Rodeo in Las Vegas has seen better days, but managing partner Ty Morgan has come up with a way to return it to its former glory. His plan looks promising until the unthinkable happens. Suddenly Ty is working for the boss’s daughter. And Miss Monica Brandt, hot as she may be, doesn’t share his vision…


She left a fabulous career and a frustrated fiancé in New York to move to Vegas and save her father’s investment. But now Monica is locking horns with a sexy cowboy-turned-businessman. What does Ty think he can do that she can’t? All Monica knows is that she doesn’t dare trust him—or is it herself she doesn’t trust...


The battle lines are drawn. The stakes are high. And the attraction can’t be denied—especially the more closely Ty and Monica have to work together. Some odds are just meant to be played, and with chemistry this electric, it may be time to grab life by the horns…

Karla’s Review

4.5 Stars! The Hotel Rodeo series has great potential and Hell On Heels comes out the gate kicking! 

A nice start to a series with a unique setting and a fun feel! 

I love Ty, he has all the great qualities I love in a hero; honorable, dependable, somewhat humble, a kind heart, looks out for others…just a good man that has a positive outlook and he's HOT! I also appreciated that he and his ex, Delaney, had a somewhat amicable relationship, no mud-slinging or vilifying each other. It's apparent that their marriage didn't work, but they’re not spiteful towards each other. They aren’t best buddies but it’s obvious at one time they cared for one another. 

Monica is a great heroine! Sassy, smart, independent, and even though she's snarky with Ty, blames him for her father's stroke, she realizes early on that she's jumped to conclusions and misjudged him. I hate heroines that don’t hold themselves accountable, but Monica becomes aware that her lashing out is cause for the way Ty reacts. She scored big points with me when she owned up. Ty and Monica eventually work through their issues and the two of them together...AWESOME ...especially when they hit the sheets! Funny stuff, her control issues and excitement made for some amusing moments and the banter between them is the stuff good romantic comedies are made of, even though this is a contemporary romance! 

The loss of a character I wanted to know more about, made me sad, but it was necessary for the story to progress, and also for Ty and Monica to move forward, not only with their relationship but exploring the future of the hotel's potential. 

I had a hard time putting this story down, and even though Ty and Monica’s relationship is left somewhat unresolved it doesn’t have a cliffhanger feel like we see in a serial series, where the reader is left hanging, but more of a carry-over story where the characters and plot continue to develop. I'm positive that Monica and Ty's relationship will become more defined in the next book and a new romance will start to stir. Something tells me Delaney and Zac, Ty's ex and former rodeo buddy, are going to become a story at some point too! 

Hell On Heels is an enjoyable read with a unique setting for a cowboy romance, fun charming characters, lots of witty dialogue, and sizzling chemistry that boils over into some steamy sex! In addition, so many secondary characters have piqued my interest and I want more! Victoria Vane doesn’t make us wait long to find out the outcome of Ty and Monica’s relationship or what is to become of the hotel. She follows up quickly with the release of Two To Wrangle coming February 16th! 

*A copy of the book was provided by the author*

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Flashback Friday: Pride Mates (Shifters Unbound #1) by Jennifer Ashley

What it’s about
Collared and controlled, Shifters are outcast from humanity, forced to live in Shiftertowns. But waiting within are passions that no Collar can contain.

Like most Shifters, Liam Morrissey has learned that trusting humans leads to no good. But when a beautiful attorney enters Shiftertown alone, Liam's alpha nature leaves him no choice but to offer his protection.

Tasked with defending a Shifter accused of murder, attorney Kim Fraser is completely out of her depth in the mysterious world of Shifters. To prove her client's innocence, Kim will need the help of someone on the inside, even though relying on Liam goes against everything society says about Shifters.

And when an un-Collared Shifter threatens both Kim and Liam, the young attorney will have to learn to trust her unlikely protector and face the passion she feels for a man who can't be tamed.

Steffi's Review

4 Stars! Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley is a surprisingly refreshing take on the shifter world.

I half expected some run-of-the-mill story with growling alphas trying to dominate their mates by... surprise surprise...having wild monkey sex. Of course, Liam and Kim do have lots of sex but this new paranormal world is anything but ordinary. Humans have officially acknowledged shifters, but to keep them under control and turn into something furry, they have to wear a collar to keep their basic urges in check. Shifters live in Shiftertown and are not permitted any special kind of entertainment or higher education and are basically shunned in society.

Kim is a new and upcoming human lawyer, who has taken on a shifter-case and needs Liam to show her around his world to rescue a shifter's life. There is a lot more to this book than that, but you have to find that out for yourselves.

Jennifer Ashley created an amazing system of shifter history and politics but didn't forget that they do have an animalistic side as well. 

That is actually what I liked best about this book. Shifters do turn into animals and Jennifer Ashley includes those animal behaviours (survival of the fittest, strongest leads etc.) in her book. She doesn't make them into some permanently nuzzling, belly rubbing, please-pet-me cuddly toys. In this book being with a shifter doesn't translate to having wild animal sex, which I really liked.

The only thing that bothered me was the ending. Liam just annoyed me there for a moment.

Overall, Pride Mates is an enjoyable book, an unusual but awesome approach to shifters.

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Blog Blitz: The Bride Wore Starlight by Lizbeth Selvig ~ Excerpt, Author Interview + Giveaway

We have a great post today for the 3rd book in Lizbeth Selvig's Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series, The Bride Wore Starlight. Karla is a fan of this series and she loved Joely and Alec's story, be sure to check out her glowing review. You can also read an excerpt along with a great informative interview with the author, Lizbeth Selvig. There is also a chance for you to win ebooks of the first two books in the series, The Bride Wore Denim, and The Bride Wore Red Boots. Just fill out the Rafflecopter below. 


What it’s about
Once comfortable on stage in front of thousands, Joely Crockett is now mortified at the thought of walking—or rolling—down the aisle at her sisters’ wedding. Scarred and wheelchair-bound, the former beauty queen has lost more than the ability to walk—she’s lost her fire. But when one handsome, arrogant guest accuses her of milking her injuries and ignites her ire, Joely finally starts to feel truly alive again, and soon it’s impossible for her to resist her heart’s desire.

Alec Morrissey knows a little something about loss. A famous rodeo cowboy before he was injured in Iraq, he’s managed to create something of a normal life, even if it’s not the one he always imagined. Encountering stunning but damaged Joely, he sees a kindred spirit who can learn from his mistakes.

As these two healing souls begin to fall in love under the Wyoming stars, they must discover if they are willing to give in to the tragedies of life or fight for a future together.


“Warm enough?” he asked. “Your back’s okay?”
“I’m plenty warm. And my back aches. It’ll be fine in the morning.”
“What would make it fine now?”
“Sven the masseur?”
He chuckled. “Your version of the cabana boy fantasy, huh? Fine, I can do Sven.” She’d been joking; he was not. “Come on. Stretch out on your stomach.”
She started to turn and changed her mind. “What about you?”
“I’m fantastic. I have a beautiful woman about to let me touch her wherever I want to.”
“Wait, I never said that.”
She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, long and deep, taking the lead, pushing him onto his back instead of following his directive. When he groaned and pulled her to lie on top of him, she broke the kiss. She’d done it now, and her nerves almost got the better of her. Instead she closed her eyes and took a brave breath.
“Your leg has to be killing you,” she said. “I’m worried about it. I have no idea how to ask you about it because you never say anything, so I’m just blurting it out.”
“My leg is okay,” he said.
“You haven’t taken off the prosthetic in two days.”
“I have. Didn’t you wonder what the heck took a guy so long in the woods at night?” He took his turn kissing her, and she reveled, not just in his kiss but in the breadth of him beneath her. And in the swift, undeniable swell that proved what power her mouth had over him. Thrills pooled low in her pelvis.
The next words hung in her throat for a long time. If she said them, she’d have to be willing to offer the same in return. Her greatest fear rose in front of her.
“I want to know all of you. I want you to . . . trust me.”
“I haven’t wanted to weird you out.”
The words were light, slightly jokey, and still she clearly heard the underlying tension.
“That’s just dumb, Alec. Weird? It’s not weird. It’s you.”
Did she mean it? Of course she did. Then how could she do anything but open herself up in return? No matter how much it scared her.
“You’ve never made love to a one-legged guy.”
Fear flared hot just before her grin broke loose. “Am I about to?”
He pulled her back down against him and ran his hands over her seat, pulling her tight and rolling his hips. “It might be too soon.”
She rested one elbow beside his ear, brushing his hair back with the other hand, drinking in the texture with her fingertips. “I’m afraid to let you see, too.”
“See what?” A light, perhaps one of hopefulness, brightened his eyes.
“I have more scars than the one you’ve seen on my face.” She stopped combing through his hair. The breath she took this time was shakier than any so far. “I’d show you mine if you show me yours. Let’s be weirded out together.” The words were silly, and her heart skittered around her ribcage—a scared bird that had trapped itself.
He didn’t speak. Carefully, he rolled her off of him and placed one hand on her stomach. With gentle fingers he unsnapped her jeans and slowly rasped down the zipper. Then he sat up, and reached for her boots. One at a time he tugged them off.
 Karla’s Review

4.5 Shimmering Stars! A beautiful story about overcoming adversity and finding strength in the one you love!

Joely's heartbreaking story starts in The Bride Wore Denim, when she and her mother were injured in a devastating accident and then her road to recovery continued in The Bride Wore Red Boots. I knew eventually she would get a love interest and was happy to see that The Bride Wore Starlight would be her book. I originally thought the author would pair Joely with a character that we became familiar with in the 2nd book and was a little surprised when someone new was introduced. However, Alec Morrissey proved to be the perfect partner for this very broken girl and Joely a very important piece of what was missing from his life.

Joely suffered horrific injuries in an accident that nearly killed her and her mother. She was the shining beauty of the family, and now scarred and disabled, she feels she’ll never be independent or be able to enjoy the things she loved to do before her accident, horseback riding.

Enter the man who will push her to get back on the horse…literally! Alec comes off as a pushy, arrogant guy, but he has some secrets of his own and knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom. He might seem like he has it all together on the outside, but on the inside, he's suffering and has had to deal with so many heartbreaks and tragedies of his own. Joely sees through his façade and challenges Alec to face his past. 

I loved this couple; their tenacity, the amusing banter, the sweet sexy times, they were a fantastic together. There is sexual tension and some heat, but it doesn’t dominate the read. This is a wonderful story about two broken people who are able to overcome a horrible misfortunes, thrive, and in the end find their way to each other!

There are 6 sisters in the Crockett family, so I'm curious about the 7th bride and who that will be. That’s what I love about this series, the characters are familiar to me and while the focus is on one couple in each book the story encompasses the entire Crockett family, their friends and the many people who come into their lives and stay!

Start this series from the beginning, you won't be disappointed. The first book, The Bride Wore Denim, sets the stage for these amazing sisters and you'll get a lot of the family history in this book. It's Harper and Cole's sweet friends-to-lovers story and also where Joely's heartbreaking journey begins. In The Bride Wore Red Boots, you'll get to know the real Mia, the softie under the hard exterior, the driven surgeon with the huge heart! Her hate-to-love story with the scrumptious Gabriel is amusing, heartwarming and I adored them both!

Each sister has a distinct personality and while they do clash at times, they are also devoted to each other, loving and resilient! I can't wait to see what Lizbeth Selvig has in store for the triplets and the plus one mystery bride! I’m in this series until the end!

*A copy was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss*

Lizbeth Selvig Author Interview

Hi Lizbeth, thanks for joining us! To get started, why don’t you give readers an introduction into the Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series, and The Bride Wore Starlight

1. You have a passion for horses and horseback riding. How did that influence the themes and settings around your books?
Pictures of horses adorned my bedroom walls from the time I was five, when I was a little city girl in Minneapolis. I collected all the stories about horses I could and had my first book boyfriend crush on Alec Ramsay in The Black Stallion series. I got my first horse as a graduation from college present from my husband, and I was hooked for life, even getting my daughter her her first pony when she was six years old so we could ride together. She went on to become an equine veterinarian, and I still help her care for all the horses she’s collected since that first pony! I still have a horse of my own, so you can see I’m obsessed and have a hard time imagining a world without horses in it! 

All my books have included horses to some extent. I’m not even stuck on one type of horse, or riding or rider—my first series of books revolved around English riding, dressage and eventing. My current series “Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys” takes place on a Wyoming ranch so I get to spend a lot of time with horses in these books. In my stories, I’ve used horses as therapy animals, as challenges for my characters, and as comforting best friends. I love sharing the beauty and versatility and healing power of horses with my readers.

2. What is it about your two main characters, Alec and Joely, that have made them so strong after going through such traumatic experiences? 
I think what’s amazing about Alec and Joely is that neither of them has any idea when their story starts just where their real strengths lie. Joely was a beauty queen several times, and even though she isn’t vain she has always believed that what she has to offer the world revolves around her physical looks. What she discovers after her physical body is broken and scarred is that she doesn’t need to trade on outer beauty—her talents of kindness, understanding, and the ability to love despite peoples’ flaws are her truest assets—and they (along with Alec’s help) are what make her strong in the end. 

Alec completely believes what makes him strong is the ability to bury things that remind him of pain and could make him bitter. He has a major physical disability, but he ignores it and gets on with life—and he even has the sunny disposition to go along with it. But what he doesn’t know is that burying his past and his anger really is a weakness. When he learns (with Joely’s help) to embrace what he sees as weaknesses and truly face his fears—he grows into the truly strong and resilient man he wants to be. 

3. How long have you been writing and who influenced you?
I started making up stories and telling them to myself at night in bed as far back as when I was four and five years old. Later, when other kids were reading themselves to sleep, I started writing down these stories. I guess it was what would now be called fan fiction—I had lots of fun affairs and adventures with my favorite pop stars from Paul McCartney to Bobby Sherman! Eventually I started writing “real” short stories and then novels. In the 80s and 90s I fell in love with the romances of LaVyrle Spencer. To this day she’s my ideal when it comes to telling a love story and I don’t try to copy her, but I do try to live up to her example. 

4. Do you have a favorite romance? Tell us!
I mentioned LaVyrle Spencer, and whenever I’m asked this question I have to go back to her. Sadly, most younger romance readers today don’t know her work, but she was known for her beautiful lyrical writing and her warm, identifiable characters. My favorite romance is a book by her called “Hummingbird.” It’s an American historical about a “spinster” who takes in a wounded train robber. Their love affair was so tender, and LaVyrle wrote such a memorable first-attempt at sex scene that I’ll never forget it. Suffice it to say the first try at lovemaking was awkward at best—but so realistic. Naturally, she made up for it later—and it was totally worth the wait!

5. Where is your favorite place to write?
I mostly write in my office at home. Lest you think that sounds hoity toity, however, it’s also my sewing room and storage for my granddaughter’s “grandma’s house toys,” so it’s very far from tidy and it’s not all that private. Still, it’s my clutter and filled with things I love, and during the day it’s very quiet. I have two windows so I can always see outside—perfect for daydreaming-ah, brainstorming! 

6. What’s on your bucket list for this year?
I’m already planning to attend Romance Writers of America’s annual meeting in San Diego as well as the Romantic Times Reader Convention in Las Vegas. My “bucket list” addition is that I want my hubby to come meet me at both of them since I’ve never been to either city. I’d like to see Cirque du Soleil’s “Beatles Love” performance in Vegas, and I want to visit the zoo in San Diego because I love zoos. I’d also love to go back to Alaska and visit my dear friends—those I made when I lived in Anchorage from 2006-2009!

7. One of your books, Rescued by a Stranger was a *RWA RITA® Award Finalist. What was that like for you?
Oh my goodness, I look back on that and I still can’t believe it happened! I was so flattered and honored because it’s a peer award, and to have made the cut with some of my absolute idols (Nora Roberts, Jill Shalvis) was a dream come true. I swear it’s also true that it was an honor just to be a finalist. I mean, with all the stellar fellow finalists—it didn’t matter in the least that I didn’t win. It was extremely special to be wined and dined and treated like a queen for a week at the convention—a very meaningful sure wouldn’t mind bringing home one of those gorgeous, golden RITA ladies!

8. Can you tell us anything about your upcoming works?
I’m super excited about the last four books of the “Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys” series. The next three books will belong to the triplets, Grace, Kelly, and Raquel who were named for their father’s favorite two movie stars! Grace comes next and she meets the small-time poker player who thinks he has a generation’s-old claim to Paradise Ranch (and a very precocious five-year-old daughter). Kelly falls in love with a secondary character from “The Bride Wore Red Boots” – one of the veterans suffering from PTSD who has become a hotshot firefighter. It may or may not be the best choice for either of them. Raquel falls for a doctor who is a total science geek to her active tomboy personality. It’s hard to see how sparks can fly when one’s never seen Star Wars and the other won’t go out if it means missing Dr. Who. The last book of the series will introduce a surprise character: Cami Colarusso—a cousin to the Crockett sisters whom nobody knew existed. To end the series we need a little fun: how about dinosaurs on the ranch?! 

In addition to the Brides books, I’m working on a proposal for a completely new book in a slightly different genre—women’s fiction. More on that to come! And I have a cross-over story coming out in May as part of a Kindle Worlds series set in Sapphire Falls—the world created by bestselling author Erin Nicholas. One of the characters from the Brides series is going to make his way to Sapphire Falls. I’m so excited, so watch for that, too!

Meet lizbeth Selvig

Lizbeth Selvig lives in Minnesota with her best friend (aka her husband), and a gray Arabian gelding. After working as a newspaper journalist and magazine editor, and raising an equine veterinarian daughter and a talented musician son, she won RWA’s prestigious Golden Heart® Contest in 2010 with her contemporary romance The Rancher and the Rock Star. In her spare time, she loves to hike, quilt, read, horseback ride, and spend time with her new granddaughter. She also has four-legged grandchildren—more than twenty—including a wallaby, two alpacas, a donkey, a pig, a sugar glider, and many dogs, cats, and horses (pics of all appear on her website She loves connecting with readers—contact her any time!

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Super Bowl Sunday Recommended Read ~ The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel by Vi Keeland

What it’s about
The first time I met Brody Easton was in the men’s locker room.
It was my first interview as a professional sportscaster.
The famed quarterback decided to bare all. 
And by all, I don’t mean he told me any of his secrets. 
No. The arrogant ass decided to drop his towel, just as I asked the first question. On camera. 
The Super Bowl MVP quickly adopted a new hobby—screwing with me.
When I pushed back, he shifted from wanting to screw with me, to wanting to screw me.
But I don’t date players. 
And it’s not because I’m one of the few women working in the world of professional football. 
I’d date an athlete. 
It’s the other kind of player I don’t date. 
You know the type. Good looking, strong, cocky, always looking to get laid.

Brody Easton was the ultimate player.
Every woman wanted to be the one to change him.
But the truth was, all he needed was a girl worth changing for.
Turned out, I was that girl.
Simple right?
Let’s face it. It never is.
There’s a story between once upon a time and happily ever after… 
And this one is ours. 

 Karla’s Review

4.5 Stars! That cover is hot but the story inside is even better and The Baller scored major points with me! 

My first thought was this was going to read as all sex and no substance. I was wrong and found it to be quite the opposite. There was so much more to Brody and Delilah than I originally thought. They were complex characters and had some deep-seated issues to work through before they could find their way into a permanent relationship. No insta love or sex. There is a spark of attraction when Delilah and Brody first meet but the relationship was earned as was the happily ever after. 

The story starts out with two points-of-view, Brody and Delilah’s and about halfway through another character is brought into the mix for a third. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work, and some readers might not appreciate this person’s thoughts, but I did. The author took a chance, and in my opinion, it was a good move, I found it to be an interesting component and allowed readers to see Brody for the truly amazing man he was. The reader also gets a good feel of what it’s like for a professional player during the season, it’s not all fame and glory and the intrusion of their personal lives can take its toll. 

The early reference to Brody’s insanely large “package” led me to believe that this and sex would be the focal point of the story, not so, and there was a reason behind Brody’s opening exposé and rudeness. What followed was a pretty damn good story. In fact, the book was far less sexed-up than I thought it was going to be and I didn’t have to muddle through sexual trysts to get to the heart of the story, and what was at the core took me by complete surprise. A man that I thought I would dislike, I came to love! Brody was crudely sweet, had a dirty mind but also a heart of gold. 

Delilah knows the sport of football; it was a huge part of her life being her father was a famous ball player, she loves the game and knows it inside and out. She wants to make it on her own as woman sportscaster in a world dominated by men and Brody Easton isn’t making it any easier. They dance around each other until he finally wins her over with his charm, but she has to let go of a tragedy in her past before she can move on and give herself completely to him. I found myself getting somewhat annoyed with her towards the end of the read because of her reluctance to take what he was offering…his love. Have no fear, it all works out…this is a romance after all!

The epilogue was a beauty and so well deserved! A well rounded quick read with some truly likable characters and a story that was heartwarming, passionate and fun! I'll definitely be reading this one again. 

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The Story Guy (Lakefield novellas) by Mary Ann Rivers

What it’s about

In this eBook original novella, Mary Ann Rivers introduces a soulful and sexy tale of courage, sacrifice, and love.

I will meet you on Wednesdays at noon in Celebration Park. Kissing only.

Carrie West is happy with her life... isn’t she? But when she sees this provocative online ad, the thirtysomething librarian can’t help but be tempted. After all, the photo of the anonymous poster is far too attractive to ignore. And when Wednesday finally arrives, it brings a first kiss that’s hotter than any she’s ever imagined.

Brian Newburgh is an attorney, but there’s more to his life... that he won't share with Carrie. Determined to have more than just Wednesdays, Carrie embarks on a quest to learn Brian’s story, certain that he will be worth the cost. But is she ready to gamble her heart on a man who just might be The One... even though she has no idea how their love story will end?


Crista says: 4 Stars! The Story Guy is a quick and short read that never comes across that way. It is multi-layered, unique, and memorable.

Brian Newburgh and Carrie West meet online after Carrie answers a personal add. The add states that Brian is looking for a Wednesday afternoon weekly meeting that will consist of "kissing only". The add clearly states that this meeting will not result in a relationship or anything further sexual. Kissing only.

This is of course a romance novel, so the rules set up in the personal add were meant to be broken:)

Although this relationship starts out "playing by the rules", as the chemistry heats up between Brian and Carrie, things quickly progress beyond the Wednesday kissing date. 

This novella has lots of unexpected depth. I loved Brian and his commitment to those he loves. Carrie, a librarian, came off as a bit desperate (which was unfortunate), but I still liked her character. I got a chuckle out of her love of books, and her email address: 

This is a fabulous book to choose when you are in need of something quick yet still quality.

Karla says: 4 Stars! Unique lovely story!

I would have liked the story to go on for just a little bit more, not only because it was so unusual, beautiful and heartwarming, but Brian and Carrie were the best kinds of hero and heroine. Two inherently good people with huge hearts! They made each other stronger and accepted what the other brought to the table, despite the impact it might ultimately have on their relationship.

The HEA is left to the imagination, but you know it is meant to be. Oh yeah... and I cried the so-glad-they-found-each-other cry!

Sweet, sexy, passionate but also inspiring and showcases the best of human nature!

Connect with Mary Ann Rivers

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Flashback Friday Favorite: Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

What it’s about
Newly divorced Lacey Meyers wasted too many years yawning through sex in the missionary position. Now she’s looking for a hookup with a man who can make her shatter. What she gets is a hot younger cop with handcuffs… and he’s not afraid to use them.

Hunter Anderson knows the score—though classy, successful women like Lacey might play with guys like him, at the end of the evening, they walk. But when one night leads to another and then another, he finds himself getting too attached to a woman he can’t have.

Lacey knows Hunter—gorgeous, hard-edged and eight years younger—won’t want anything permanent. No matter how hot and daring he makes her first public sex, quickie, backseat encounter and secret fantasy role-play, she can’t mistake adventurous sex for emotional involvement.

They both know it’s got to end, and soon, or someone’s going to get hurt. But can either of them go back to life without the other?

Reader Advisory: Lacey’s highly erotic “forced” sex fantasy comes true in this book. Lucky her!


Karla says: 5 Stars! A wonderful, smooth, well-written love story.

Lacey exudes class. She is money minus the attitude, kind, and caring. When she goes out searching for some comfort and companionship in the way of a one-night stand her path crosses with the delectable Hunter. He is younger that she is but has a level of maturity and responsibility that men Lacey’s age can only hope to achieve. As the relationship develops, she is concerned about the age difference, he with their social statuses, Hunter thinking he's not good enough for Lacey. 
“Last time I checked, women didn’t come with expiration dates.”
I loved the simple, quiet interactions that they had with one another and the unspoken connection that you felt between them. As their passion and desire grow for one another they begin to fall in love and you can’t help but fall in love with them. He fulfills her every fantasy, but you get the feeling that she is doing the same for him. Of course, they encounter a bump in the road, and a secret is revealed that explains the reason for the torment that one of the characters feels.

The author’s writing brings the character’s emotions to surface and you as a reader experience every one of them. This is an erotic, tasteful, compelling read that will bring a smile to your face.

I have one small issue and it’s more me than the book, but I wish we had gotten a bit more in the end, or an epilogue. So, since I didn’t get one, I dreamt one up on my own, and boy was it good!

Crista says: An absolute 5 star read!!! Liberating Lacey has heart, soul, and depth!

Lacey Meyer is recently divorced and is simply looking for a "different" type of guy. She is tired of all the same old, and is looking for excitement and someone new. Lacey goes to a bar one evening that is pegged "Best Place To Meet Someone New" and meets Hunter. Sparks fly and let's just say...this is the HOTTEST opening chapter I have EVER read!

What starts out as a lustful animalistic attraction quickly morphs into something quite different. Although this is certainly on the steamier side of my usual tastes, I agree with other GR friends when they categorize this as romantica instead of erotica. This is steam and heat withheart. Erotica never engages my heart....and this book captured my heart very early on. I believed that Lacey and Hunter truly loved one another, and I enjoyed watching this relationship develop.

This story was captivating. The writing was engaging and I was immersed in Lacey and Hunter from the opening chapter on. It's been awhile since I loved a book this much. 

This book has been firmly planted in my "keeper" category and I will definitely be revisiting this book again....and again!

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Quickie Review: Appealed (The Legal Briefs series #3) by Emma Chase

What it’s about

When Brent Mason looks at Kennedy Randolph, he doesn’t see the awkward, sweet girl who grew up next door. He sees a self-assured, stunning woman…who wants to crush the most intimate - and prized - parts of his anatomy beneath the heels of her Christian Louboutins.

Brent has never let the loss of his leg in a childhood accident affect his ability to lead a fulfilling life. He sets high goals–and then he reaches them.

And now he has his sights set on Kennedy.
When Kennedy looks at Brent Mason, all she sees is the selfish, Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue-worthy teenager who humiliated her in high school to join the popular crowd. A crowd that made those years a living hell.

She’s not a lovesick social outcast anymore - she’s a DC prosecutor with a long winning streak behind her. Brent is the opposing attorney in her next case and she thinks it’s time to put him through a little hell of his own.

But things aren’t exactly working out that way.

Because every fiery exchange has her wondering if he’s as passionate in the bedroom as he is in the courtroom. Each argument and objection only makes him want her more. In the end, Brent and Kennedy may just find themselves in love…or in contempt of court.

 Steffi’s Review

5 stars! The perfect ending to an out-of-this-world fantastic series! Emma Chase hits it out of the park with Appealed!

Appealed is Brent’s story and he finally meets up with Kennedy again, the one who got away, his young love. While Kennedy and Brent were never a couple, there was almost something between them but high school, bratty girlfriends and lots of bullies destroyed every chance they had. But Brent is not going to let her slip out of his fingers a second time. 

Appealed is everything I wanted it to be and more. Brent is hilarious and Emma Chase’s special brand of humor shines through again in this book. Kennedy is a kick-ass prosecutor but her past still makes her incredibly vulnerable and she is wary to trust Brent again. I absolutely loved them as a couple and Brent’s visits with his therapist were hilarious. We also revisit with the couples from Overruled and Sustained and the next generation. I can’t recommend this series highly enough. With a beautiful epilogue it tied up the individual stories beautifully and simply made me incredibly happy. I closed this book with a sigh and can’t wait for what Emma Chase has in store for us next.

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